Call For Works 2018 Program

Call For Works 2018

November 23,  Program 03  / start 10:50  @ Experimental Dome
November 24,  Program 08  / start 10:50 @ Experimental Dome


1. Primrose Hill   by Olli Smith (United Kingdom)

2. Metopia Data Dust  by  Eva Sjuve (Sweden)

3. InOut   by Roberto Zanata (Italy)

4. Voyage   by Jakub Polaczyk (Poland)

5. Postcards from North and South   by Rikhardur H. Fridriksson (Iceland)

6. Qu-Extensions   by Seth Rozanoff (United States)

7. Rebirth   by Paolo Pastorino (Italy)

8. Valleribe (Edit)   by David Madden (United States)

9. Sk(etch)   by Leah Reid (United States)

10. Peyotl   by Vervisch Toco (France)

11. Miniature No. 1   by Joo Won Prk (United States)

12. Mikrokosmika   by Alejandro Brianza (Argentina)

13. Transchem   by Hannah Hitchen (United States)

14. Jardines de Tiempo y Lluvia… a Emilio Lledó   by Gil Miguel Monteagudo Ruiz (Spain)

15. epilepsy is a serious matter guys   by Sebastian Gafencu (Italy)

16. SONOM   by Massimo Vito Avantaggiato (Italy)

17. Arab Autumn  by Halaka Bassam (Austria-Egypt)

18. fail_better [fluffball]   by Devin Barone [DVB] (United States)

19. 03-30  by Devin Barone [DVB] (United States)

20. Carved Stone  by AntonioRussek (Mexico)

21. NAICM (New International Airport of Mexico City)  by Fernando Abaroa Willis (Mexico)

22. Badminton Bis   by Ana Dall’Ara-Majek (France)

23. Fotografías Sonoras  by Raphael Isay Ramirez Guillen (Mexico)

24. Water-Strück  by Martín Alonso (Mexico)

25. Erosa   by Gerardo De Pasquale (Italy)